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In the pursuit of Health and Beauty, what you put on your hair and skin
is just as important as what you put in your mouth!!
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Arlaena's MicroAesthetics

MicroAnti-Aging Facial(60min.)                $70

Reduce wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dryness and oiliness with a double cleanse, Anti-Aging Resurfacing mask, a body massage and the Galvanic modality that uses a microcurrent of electricity to enhance serums and drive them deeper into your skin. 

MicroAnti-Aging Facial(90min.)                $95

Includes an extra Hydrating Enzyme mask and massage. 

+Galvanic Eye Treatment(15min.)             $12

Add this eye treatment to your facial to notice less puffiness and wrinkles around the eye area.            

MicroAcne Facial(60min.)                          $65 

Clarify & detox acne prone skin with a double cleanse, Galvanic treatment to aid in extractions, Clear Cell Medicated Acne mask, a body massage, serums & High Frequency to prevent any future breakouts.

MicroAcne Facial(90min.)                          $90

Includes an extra Hydrating Enzyme Mask and massage.

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