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In the pursuit of Health and Beauty, what you put on your hair and skin
is just as important as what you put in your mouth!!
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Included with your full-service haircut:

  • Head massage pampering treatment
  • Shampoo and conditioning
  • Haircut
  • Blow dry and style                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Safe for pregnant women? YES!

It is important during this delicate time to know exactly what is being put on, or in the body. By consulting with your physician, taking all recommended precautions, and by using our color and hair/skin care products, our new momma’s won’t sacrifice their health, beauty, or the well being of the precious life growing inside of them.

Studio 7 Organic Salon

14170 County Rd 7
Mead, Co 80542                              


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Women Haircut and style                $53

            Haircut and style (10-18yrs) $43    

Shampoo and style               $33    

Men's Haircut                        $38

        Haircut  (10-18 yrs)      $33

Children's Haircut  (1-10yrs) $33 


Organic Coloring

Accent Highlights Full  (foil or Painting)    $100 & up

Partial    $91&up

Full Foil Highlights    $137  & up

Full Color Application  (based on shoulder Length hair)   $97 & up

Color Retouch Application   $81 & up

Corrective Color  (1.5 hr. minimum)  or Balayage Coloring Technique Starts @ $300 first 1.5 then $100 every hour after 


Organic Curl

Perms  (31 rods & up)       $157

Partial Perms (11-30 rods) $107

Specialty Wraps  Start @   $207


Intense Organic Hair Therapy 

Hair Treatments   start @   $45

w/ scalp message   start @ $55



Eyebrow                $23

Lip or chin              $25

Eye, Lip and chin   $35

Full Face                $51


Keratin Protein Straightening

Non-ammonia and Formaldehyde free    

Starts @ $250 for Medium Thicknes , length at shoulders and above.......    $$Call for Pricing

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