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In the pursuit of Health and Beauty, what you put on your hair and skin
is just as important as what you put in your mouth!!
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Arlaena's MicroAesthetics
Treatments & Bundles

Microdermabrasion(35min.)                   $70

A rapid form of exfoliation to rejuvenate the skin on your face & neck. Great for all skin types. Includes post treatment balm & moisturizer/SPF.

Microdermabrasion Facial(60min.)        $95

Induldge your fresh new skin with a custom mask, massage & serums plus the post treatment balm & moisturizer/SPF.

6 Microdermabrasions(35min.)              $360

6 Microdermabrasion Facials(60min.)   $510

Chemical Peel(35min.)                            $110

A customized Image Skincare or Dermalogica Peel uses formulated enzymes, AHA's & BHA's to reveal smoother skin on your face & neck. Great for all skin types. Includes post treatment balm & moisturizer.

Chemical Peel Facial(60min.)                 $135

Cool & calm down your skin with an antioxidiant gel mask, massage, serums & post treatment balm/SPF.

6 Chemical Peels(35min.)                       $600

6 Chemical Peel Facials(60min.)            $750

Dermaplaing(35min.)                               $65

Remove unwanted dead skin cells & vellus hair by a scalpel, allowing better penetration of products and revealing brighter more even toned skin. Great for all skin types except for active acne. Perfect to do before Microchanneling!

Dermaplaning Facial(60min.)                  $90

Top off your Dermaplaning treatment with a mask, body massage, serums, moisturizer/SPF.

4 Dermaplaning(35min.)                           $220

4 Dermaplaning Facials(60min.)              $320

Microchanneling(35min.)                          $175

An improved version of MicroNeedling! Little down time due to less damage on the Epidermis & powerful, healthy stem cells to enhance your natural healing process. Notice a differnce after just one treatment. Great for all skin types except active acne. Includes, sheet mask & moisturizer/SPF.

Microchanneling Facial(60min.)               $200

Add some relaxtion into your treatment with a hydrating sheet mask, massage, serums, & moisturizer/SPF.

3 Microchanneling(35min.)                       $475

3 Microchanneling Facials(60min.)          $550

+Decollete Microchanneling(30min.)       $100

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