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In the pursuit of Health and Beauty, what you put on your hair and skin
is just as important as what you put in your mouth!!
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 SEVEN Hair Care

Ever hear of Kaolin clay? Abyssinian seed oil? We use these plus over 70 other natural ingredients, including botanicals and antioxidants, to give you hair that looks and feels healthy and weightless. Explore what’s in our products, from Aloe to Zinc, and how these ingredients give you gorgeous hair. I carry the Entire Hair Care Line in Salon.

.Go to this link and order SEVEN HAIR CARE Products delivered straight to your home. 


Oway Flowerflask (250ml)   

Simply Organic/O&M/Oway Hair Care Products

Does Not Contain:✕ Parabens✕ SLS / SLES✕ GMOs✕ Petroleum✕ Phthalates✕ Synthetic Fragrance✕ PEGs, PPGs & BGs✕ Artificial Colorants.  check out the website above for precise ingredients as each shampoo and conditioner has it's own unique ingredients depending on the hair texture.I do not carry all products in salon. So check in with me to see if I have what you want if needing ASAP before ordering online.

Go to this link to Order !00% Organic O&M Hair Care Products delivered straight to your Home. 


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It's Important to look up what ingredients are in your skincare, hair care, makeup and lotions .  What are the consequences if you keep using them!!!  Go to www.safecosmetics.org  on this web page you will see skin deep click here to enter the ingredients of your personal hygiene products you are using at home to see why.


O&M CØR.color Benefits PosterO&M COR Color                  


+ No Ammonia +No PPDs +No Resorcinol +No Gluten +No Soy +No Animal Ingredients.  O&M COR hair color has the ability to achieve all areas of hair coloring techniques, which maintain the hairs essential moisture and protein levels. 100% Flawless Grey Coverage.  They have removed some of hair color’s most questionable ingredients, but we didn’t stop there.

We introduced a truly nourishing hair color formulated with our Australian-inspired Desert Harvest Botanical Blend and

Signature Oil Blend of cold-pressed Organic Coconut and Macadamia Oils. This Molecular Blend Technology Reduces Scalp Irritation as it Nourishes the Hair and Scalp  Activators Contain Restorative Rice Proteins & Oils which minimizes damage in the Hairs inner structure. 

Owave Benefits

  • Paraben Free
  • Ammonia Free
  • Thioglycolate Free
  • Healthy, Bouncy Curls
  • High Antioxidant Concentration
  • Infinitely Recyclable Eco-Packaging

OWAVE Curl  Systems is an innovative permanent curling system that has eliminated the use of hazardous chemicals to prevent any degradation to the hairs delicate structure.  Without the use of the harsh Chemicals they have left out we can now maintain the essential protein and moisture levels to produce a natural bounce and curl formation, which looks  and feels naturally healthy.  

Kera Green Protien Straightening Treatment



All Natural Keratin Straightening that conditions and strengthens the hair while taming and controling frizz and natural curl for up to 4 months.  All without the ammonia and other harsh chemicals.                                                                                                                        





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