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In the pursuit of Health and Beauty, what you put on your hair and skin
is just as important as what you put in your mouth!!
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Ammonia Free Color


Organic Coloring                                                                     


At Studio 7 Organic Salon, as a commitment to a healthy environment for our guests and staff, we only use Original Minerals Color System Zero-ammonia Hair Color. These products are the safest permanent and semi-permanent hair color available today.  It delivers the best professional results without any toxic chemicals such as resorcinol, p-Phenylenediamine (PPD) or p-Toluenediamine (PTD), and void of dangerous fumes.

Unlike other ammonia-free or “organic” colors, Original Minerals Color imparts long lasting results and it covers gray hair 100% every time without the need of using special harsh developers which dry up hair.  Our health conscious clients demand great results and do not want hair to feel like straw after 3 to 4 applications as with traditional salon color compromising product lines.

Original Mineral Color Systems hair color is fortified with a proprietary Natural Moisturizing Factor containing anti-oxidants and plant extracts, which conditions the hair while coloring. Leaving the Hair noticeably shiner.

*No ammonia or ammonia derivatives

*No resorcinol, no formaldehyde, No PPD's, No Parabens

*No color fading or banding

*No problems with resistent Grey Coverage

*No damage to the hair’s structural integrity

*No putrid toxic fumes, no irritation

*No animal testing, no animal by-products

*No more sacrificing health for beauty

*No disrespect for client health and comfort

*No limitations of your creativity as a colorist


  • Includes

  • Anti-Oxidents

  • Macadamia, Avocvado & Coconut Oil to nourish scalp

  • Conditioning Agents

  • Rice Protiens

  • Quandong Fruit

What our guests can expect with our color service:

  • Gentle, zero ammonia formula.  No damage to hair.
  • Safe product free form Resorcinol, DEA or TEA, PPD's, Gluten, Soy, Phtalates and Parabens
  • Long lasting, natural looking results.
  • 100% gray coverage every time.
  • Unlimited possibilities with 101 vibrant shades from platinum blonde to lustrous red to the richest brunettes.
  • Pleasant experience with a fresh floral scent.  No unpleasant smell.  No odorless toxic fumes (as in ethanolamine-based colors).
  • No itchiness. No irritation.  No burning of scalp



Why you don't want (or need) ammonia in your hair color.......

Ammonia affects different people in different ways. I've seen this happen in salons time and time again.

Client Number One has her hair colored with a product that contains ammonia apparently without any side effects at all. Client Number Two has her hair colored using the same product and ends up with headaches, stinging eyes, trouble breathing or a nasty rash. Or ends up in bed feeling terrible.

I've talked with many clients about this and the most common answer goes something like this: "It's the price you have to pay if you want your hair colored".

Often the clients will add "Thank goodness I don't have to get it done every week". Or "I figure every 6 or 8 weeks can't do too much harm."

But I say "If ammonia can affect our clients like this, then what about the hairdressers and colorists who are breathing it in every day?"

There's plenty of information available about the adverse effects of ammonia. It's no secret. Ask any doctor or check it out on the Internet. You'll find statements like this:

"Inhalation of lower concentrations in the air or solution can cause coughing, and nose and throat irritation. It can also produce rapid skin or eye irritation.  Ammonia's odor provides adequate early warning of its presence, but ammonia also causes olfactory fatigue or adaptation, reducing awareness of one's prolonged exposure at low concentrations".

At the same time as ammonia is getting into your eyes and lungs, it's getting into the cuticle of the hair. In fact the shaft of hair is starting to resemble Swiss cheese.

Ammonia not only negatively affects the cuticle of the hair, it also damages the amino acid or protein called Tyrosine which is found inside the hair shaft. Tyrosine is responsible for producing melanin (the natural pigment in the hair shaft). 

When the Tyrosine is damaged, the hair's ability to hold onto color is greatly reduced (or eliminated altogether). When you introduce color into the hair shaft without damaging the Tyrosine the color lasts longer because the color has something to bond to.

The main purpose of this web site isn't to put down ammonia. It is to simply to inform health conscious guests about a product that is readily available that doesn't contain any ammonia at all. And at the same time gives better results.
 Better color. No fading. Happier, healthier Guest. 


As a hairdresser for many years, I myself had made the statement numerous times, when people would complain about being exposed to the chemical smell or being in contact with the actual product on their head. “Is this suppose to itch burn or sting like it is doing on my head?”  My response would be something along the lines of; “You don’t have a choice, there are no other options”.  Just remember no pain no gain.  All the time in the back of my head I had this nagging desire to be free of having to subject my clients to this level of discomfort and exposure.  After all I was in the process of making the client look and feel more beautiful and better about themselves.  Having to have something unpleasant happen during the process took the edge off the experience in my mind.

Having not been around ammonia since 2005, I can definitely say that when I am exposed to it, it amazes me to be hit (there’s that word again) with that pungent toxic smell, which I didn't’t really notice for so many years. (Or more to the point, had to put out of my mind for so many years.)

My research has uncovered, that about 50 to 60% of people that have their hair colored with ammonia based color, suffer some degree of adverse reaction. This has also been confirmed by many other salons that have switched to Organic Color Systems as well.  Headaches, feeling ill or nauseous, feeling foggy or the like.  I have had some people tell me that they go to bed for 24 hours or so after they have their hair colored with ammonia based products. The price of beauty, as some would refer to it. 

By the way, I only started to find this out after I became toxic myself, from over exposure the the chemicals in the salon.  I had an adverse effect on the skin on my face.  It started out as small dry,red, raised, itchy patches on cheeks, neck, and soon my eyes.  Until in the middle of the night I woke up with an aver whelming Hot sensation on my face and became aware that my face had swollen to a pumpkin and looked as though my skin had a server burn look to it.

What advantages there are for the hairdresser, both from a health perspective and as an artist or technician is a whole different article.  Being able to color hair and maintain the integrity of the hair has numerous advantages both creatively and ethically it is a source of interest to me that so many clients that have had Organic Color Systems used on their hair refuse to go back to ammonia based colors. Which I totally understand!

The number of public individuals that have asked me the following question are numerous;
“Why would any hairdresser use that old ammonia stuff when there is an option like Organic Color Systems?”

The answer to that is Hairdresser's  have a hard time with Change!!! when they already have a product that they know works and what the outcome will be!!!  So why change????

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